Mostly a Dream

Had this really bizarre dream about the cafe last night.  I came into work at my usual time one day, 4:30, and Michelle, who’d gotten there a couple minutes early, came running over to find me to say that she’d found this hidden closet nobody had ever noticed before, and that inside was a door to another dimension.  She told me I had to see it.  Of course I did.  So I dropped what I was doing (probably making pizzas) and ran off to see the other dimension.

First of all, there’s this closet.  It’s like a little crack in the wall that you have to crawl through, right by the men’s bathroom.  Inside, it’s all dark and empty (because nobody uses it, of course) and all there is is this giant, like 10-foot-tall mirror leaning against the wall to our left, and then these rickety wooden stairs on the wall to our right, leading to a door.

Through this door is another, similar sort of room, but now the stairs going down are on the left, and the mirror is on the right.  (It wasn’t until telling somebody this story later that I realized the significance of the mirrors—besides being one of my worst fears, they also represented a parallel dimension.)  And then there’s the door to the outside.

We stepped through it and found ourselves on the moon, staring out over outer space, and Earth…Earth is dead ahead.

Okay, so this was cool, but we had no means of getting to this other Earth, and I’m like, “Why?  Why would we find a door to another dimension that we can’t do anything with!?  How are we supposed to see what this other Earth is like if we can’t get to it!?  Why are we on the moon!?”

Just then, the Earth in front of us exploded into billions of tiny pieces.

Michelle said, “That’s why.”

As we watched, however, the billions of tiny pieces flew back into place, and the Bizarro Earth was again intact.

But then it exploded again, and it kept on exploding, over and over.

Anyway, we were so mesmerized by all of this, we just stayed and watched it forever, and when we finally decided to go back to work, it was 7:10.  (We close at 7:30.)  Except they were closed.  Not only that, all of the managers were there, looking furious, and Bob looked furious, and he saw us and wanted to know where the hell we had been, and it turns out they had closed early because there weren’t enough people to stay open, and we were both going to be out of a job.

But we said, “Bob!  We have a perfectly good reason!  We found a doorway into another dimension!”

Bob coldly informs us that he doesn’t want to hear any of our shit, and we should just get out of there now.

But we continue, “No, Bob, we’re telling the truth!  Look, we’ll prove it to you!  We’ll show you the door!”

Of course, the door is now gone.  No trace of it.

And back to real life.  What’d I do yesterday…went to lunch with Andrew at Matt’s—I had veal marsala over portabella, yummy.  Then headed to the café with Dennis to eat dinner for free, and hung out with Adrianna and Turtle for a while.  (Oh, and The Lukealike is now in my phone under that name.  We told him, too.  I told him we called him that, and he didn’t believe me, so he went up and said to Michelle, “She put me in her phone under ‘The Lukealike’, and Michelle said, “That’s so funny; that’s what we call you!”)

Going to Adventure Landing with the work crew tonight, except no Michelle or Adrianna.


Captain America, More L’Owen, and Some LOST Stuff Hidden in a Dream

Because I was in a hurry yesterday, I left out some good stuff about the meeting.

I showed up, and immediately heard the voices of L’Owen and Captain America through the opened doorway.  I thought that this was perfect, because I would now have a chance to keep the day’s tally.

Captain America is the Nerd Who Would Be King—he feels that he is superior to everyone, even though he’s like, socially inept, nobody cares what he has to say, and he looks a lot like Weird Al.  He’s constantly interrupting in class with inane comments that nobody gives a damn about, and Corey and I have a tally—I guess I should call it The Tally—going, marking down all the times he speaks out.  When he begins to ramble, we give him an extra mark for every ten seconds.

Corey and I are fortunate (?) enough to have a class with him on M/W and on T/Th, so we can keep The Tally going every day M-Th.  This way we can say, “Yeah, he tends to be most talkative on Thursdays, in preparation for the weekend, likely, and on Mondays, when he’s gone all weekend without speaking out in a class and has to liberate us all again.”

Our history professor is really nice and polite and has to try and interrupt him in a nice and polite way, like by walking to the other end of the room, not looking at him anymore, interspersing random other little comments to other members of the class, and finally saying, “Mm-hmm…uh-huh…well, about that…” and launching into her thing again.

L’Owen is not so nice and flat-out says, “No.  You’re wrong.  You’re an idiot.  STFU.”  (Okay, so maybe a bit nicer than that, but he doesn’t let him ramble.)

There was one time in history when Corey was going to have to leave early, and our history prof suggested he sit by the door (we sit on the far side, whereas Captain America and his friend, Gune, sit next to the door), and Corey looked warily over there and said, “Sit…by the door…?” which really tickled the prof (and me).  She said, “Well, if you just can’t bring yourself to do that, Corey, then you may just get up and walk behind my desk if necessary, walk out with as little distraction as possible,” and looked over at me and started laughing.

Another day in history, Captain America ranted, then stopped, and Gune picked up right where he left off, and Corey, staring in bewilderment across the room, suddenly snapped out of it, turned to the Tally Sheet, and, adding another mark, said, “They share the same brain.”

There was another time in L’Owen’s class when The Tally actually hit infinity—an arrow to the edge of the page.  We were like, “He’ll never beat that,” but I’d say it’s possible to hit infinity twice.  The reason for it that particular day was that L’Owen had asked us to watch for things that would make interesting story or poem material, and Captain America told us the story about when he was sharpening his daggers, dropped one, and nearly impaled his foot.  (He often gets more marks depending on Annoyance or Stupidity factors.)

Anyway, so Captain America was talking to L’Owen when I showed up, and he was saying something about how…well, I’ll just put in quotes as close to what I can remember as possible:

“See, what I find today is that people just don’t care about ancient races, and they don’t know anything about them.  I know a lot about them, because I’ve researched them, based on various games.”

I thought, Games?  Huhh?

L’Owen’s just going, “Uh-huh…uh-huh….”  Then I heard him stand up and head to the door, and he said, “Just a second, Mark,” and leaned out, and I smiled sympathetically at him, and I swear his eyes twinkled, hahahaha, and then he went back in and said, “Well, Mark, we’re going to have to end this here because Ginny is sitting out there and she was supposed to be in here five minutes ago.”

Captain America got a B.  And several Tally marks, exact number to be deliberated with Corey.

At one point, L’Owen said to me, all serious, “I don’t know if you’re planning to do anything with this [creative writing] later….”

I said, “Oh, this is going to be my life.”

And he said he could really see me going somewhere with it.  He said I’ve “got it”.  I thought I should remind myself of that because of how frequently I have self-esteem freak-outs and think I can’t do anything.

Something else of interest he said….  Well, he asked if I thought the story I had just given him was perfect, and I immediately said, “Oh, no,” and kind of laughed, and he said, still quite serious and sincere, “By the end of this semester, Ginny, I want you to do something that you will be really proud of.”

The first thing that went through my head as he was saying that was that it was almost exactly word-for-word something I’d said to Milo in The Letter.  It was almost unnerving.  And I realized what a nice thing it was to say, and was pleased that I had thought to tell Milo that.  Wonder if he ever read that far; it was toward the end.

So Dean, or Dean the Mormon, as he is now to be called (he’s not really a Mormon, but his parents are) went in after me, and as I was sitting out there, Dr. Steinfield, my English teacher, came out of his office, saw me, and said, “Are you waiting for me?”

I pointed behind me at L’Owen’s office (I was waiting for Dean the Mormon to reemerge) and he said with interest, “Oh, you’re taking him?  What for?  Film as Lit.?”

I told him it was for Creative Writing, and he looked impressed.  “How are you doing in there?”

“Not bad, I think…I’ve got an A,” I said.

“Wow, an A,” said Dr. Steinfield, in his casually funny sort of way, “well, there’s certainly room for improvement there.  You can do better than that.”

“Yeah, I know,” I said, sounding regretful.

I then became aware that Dean and L’Owen had stopped talking.  And L’Owen called out, “Ginny?  Don’t listen to anything that Charles Steinfield says.  Don’t believe a word of it!”

Dr. Steinfield was walking away laughing (it would have been an evil laugh, were this a movie and they comic book rivals instead of just rival English teachers, but instead it was pure humor), as I responded, “Oh, I know!  Don’t worry; I know.”

I had a dream last night.  It seemed a lot like Shannon from Lost, the story I watched last night with her Wicked Stepmother.  Man, I’d never liked Shannon as much as I did in that episode.  I had gone to her to ask for money for my wedding to some poorer guy (who looked like Boone) and she said no, she refused to help, even though the money was my father’s, and I was all alone in the world and whatever…and I was with a bunch of strangers, looking at wedding dresses, except that they were all wearing Superman costumes, like really good ones, not baggy pajama pants ones like Jerry wore one Halloween as a kid, and they were making fun of me because I was wearing this cheap Mr. Incredible costume.

And then suddenly I was no longer trying on wedding dresses over a Mr. Incredible costume with snobby strangers—I was trying on prom dresses with Sammie at the mall, and her mom was there, and she kept taking pictures of us in all these dresses, and some guy started following us around, discussing with Sammie’s mom which dresses he liked better than others, and offering to take the pictures for us, and then he finally informed Sammie’s mom that he was a talent agent scouting for models, and he was interested in Sammie and me.  So we’re just trying on all these dresses, and I go back into the dressing room and somehow, like, step into another dimension, where it looks all comic-book-y (probably as a result of my having been reading naught but Alan Moore’s Promethea series in my spare time over the past five days).

So yeah, I’ve entered the Next Dimension of the Changing Room, and there’s this demon thing in there, and I can’t tell you what it looked like because I don’t really remember, but it was separated from me by a thick glass thing that went up just far enough so I could reach over the top of it, but not easily, and the demon had a Challenge for me.  There was a desk on its side of the glass divider, as well as a sword and a gun (and he was holding his own sword).

The Challenge was something like this—there was this pole thing, and it had to tie my wrists to the pole, right over the top of the glass thing, and then use the single bullet from the gun (must have come from Lost) to…what, shoot the ropes off?  Does that really work?  Well, in the dream it did.  And then I had to somehow grab the sword from the other side and slay the demon before it slayed me.  If I won, I’d be rewarded somehow, I guess, or just go back to my dimension like normal, but if he won, he would take me over, like possess me, I guess, and go back and live life as me.

Naturally, I wasn’t going to refuse a Challenge, no matter how ridiculous.  So the thing tied my wrists up there, shot through the ropes with a single bullet, and then grabbed its sword and started swiping at me as I tried to get the other one through the glass.  I finally did somehow get it in my hand, and just as I was pulling it over the edge…it drew the sword across my throat, and I fell down on this table that was suddenly laying there…and did I mention that I was totally seeing this in little squares and various other shapes, exactly like in a comic book?  And like it was illustrated?  It really looked like one.  There was this image of me lying there on this table, in this long red formal gown, quite pretty, and just…dead.  And the demon is looking down at me….

And then there’s me, back in photograph quality, walking out of the store with Sammie and her mom, only…it wasn’t me.  I could tell somehow; I knew it was the other thing.  That’s…creepy.

Three Dreams and a Cafe Anecdote

I left something out of the last entry:  Del told me about Friday, when he was sick, he was talking to Scot on the phone (Del is one of our chefs; Scot’s a boss) about bringing in his new Star Wars to loan Scot’s kids.

“I don’t think he was really listening, though,” Del said.  Because when Del said, “Now, just as a warning, they do kill kids in this movie,” Scot responded with, “Oh, good, they’ll love that….”

Maybe Scot wasn’t paying attention.  Maybe he was kidding.  Maybe he was serious.  Any way you look at it, that’s a pretty funny answer.

Anyway, to the dreams.

The first was not last night, but the night before.  I dreamed I was Harry Potter, on a bus to God knows where.  Ron and Hermione were there, too.

We were sitting on the right side, towards the front, and Lucius was there, too, sitting on the left and several rows back.  (I think Draco was there, too, but I don’t remember.)  I kept turning around in my seat, and Lucius and I kept glaring at each other, and at one point he gave me a Lucius smile, and I gave him a Harry smile right back to show him that maybe he could be mischievous and cruel, but I certainly knew the meaning of the word “mischief” and he’d better look out.  And somehow from his face, I could just tell that he knew I was a worthy enemy, like it or not.

But then he gave another evil Lucius grin, and suddenly there was a Dementor sitting right next to me.  I freaked out!  I never found Dementors as scary as I did at that moment, with me actually as Harry, and one sitting right next to me.  It was kind of terrifying.

I could hear it breathing, and then…it turned to look at me…and it was still breathing…and it stared and stared…and then just as slowly, it turned back and stared forward, and Ron and Hermione kept muttering things like, “It’s okay, Harry, it’s just minding its own business,” and “Don’t bother it and it won’t bother you,” and I kept watching it out of the corner of my eye….  I also heard Dumbledore’s voice in my head saying that there is nothing to fear but fear itself, which, in turn, got the Boingo song “Nothing to Fear” in my head, because of course, those lyrics are in it repetitively.

And then, very, very slowly, it took off its hood….

And I noticed that it had human hands….

And then I looked up, and it turned and looked at me, again very deliberately….

And it had a human face.  But not just any human face.

It was this totally random guy who comes through my line at work every day.  I’ve never spoken to the guy, don’t know anything about him, never really thought about him before, and then all of a sudden, there he was, cast as an extra in one of my dreams.

Well now, of course, I see him and am like, “Who is this guy!?!?”  Like he crept into my dream on purpose.  I don’t know, because that’s really weird.  I keep staring at him and wondering if he knows I’m staring at him and knows perfectly well that he was there in my dream in such a creepy manner, and knowing at the same time that this is completely ludicrous.

At any rate, I woke up about the moment he turned and looked at me, thinking, “WTF—Dementors aren’t supposed to be hot!”

Then I woke up even more and realized I knew who that guy was, and that I still had the Boingo song stuck in my head.

And onto last night.  I had two last night.

The first, Katy (The Bimbo that I work with) and I were, apparently, recent partners-in-crime who held up stores (or maybe just Super Walmarts) by casually walking in with guns, flirting with the male employees, and informing them that we wanted so-much-money before we left.

All action in the store would cease, as they gave us however much we asked for—we never emptied the cash registers, though—and we wished everyone well, and walked out, smiling charmingly.  Once outside, we would start running, because we’d know that the grace period they would always give us ended two minutes after we exited.

So last night, we robbed a Super Walmart, and I’m holding the gun on this one guy in a blue vest, and everything has stopped, and there’s a sort of air like, “Oh, great, we’re being held up again” but at the same time it’s, “Hey, isn’t it fun being held up by these two?”  And all the customers are even amused to see it taking place.  I don’t know.  Really strange, of course, as dreams always are.

I have no idea what Katy was doing (how the hell did she creep into my dream, anyway?  And in what dimension would she ever be my partner?)—she was just playing around somewhere as I conducted business, and I was going to get $2000, but then she called out, “No, make it 3,” so I said, “$3000, then” and the clerk obliged, and then we were off.

Katy informed me that she knew this great place we could escape, and that I should follow her.  Well, for some reason I did, and we ended up inside this huge indoor obstacle course that apparently was known to take an average of two hours to get through.

Let me describe this place, because it’s quite fascinating, really.  It was set up as sort of like a YMCA, where you could go just to get some good exercise in two hours’ time.  It was really dark inside, and instead of having actual floors (it went underground in places and way up in others), it had, like, rope bridges, rope ladders, swinging things that you step in one at a time to get across a gorge-type-thing (with a net below, I think)…it was a lot of good aerobic activities.  Kind of felt like a playground, or like an Indiana Jones video game.  It was all twisty and turn-y and maze-y, and I think there were probably several routes to get to the end, and at some points there were dark rooms that looked like really creepy rooms in haunted houses where you could stop and rest, and we stopped in one room that looked like a bedroom and hid under the bed and in the closet because somebody else was coming.

The rooms to rest in were so creepy, let me tell you—not as dark as the passages, but still dark, and only lit by…black lights, I guess they were.

Anyway, so we heard a voice, and we hid in this room, and the voices were gone, and by now, as we continue on our way, I’m bitching at Katy:  “How could you lead us in here!?  They’re going to figure out where we went, and they’re going to be waiting for us on the other end, you dolt!  Haven’t you ever heard the phrase ‘you can run, but you can’t hide’?”

She said, “That’s what we’re doing; we’re running!”

I said, “No, this equates to hiding, because we are in essentially one location and will be for the next hour and a half!  You’ve completely screwed us over; we’re going to be caught this time, do you realize that?  This is it for us!  Thanks a lot!”

“They won’t know we’re in here,” she said.

“Of course they’ll know.  There’ll be eyewitnesses, or it’ll just be obvious because there isn’t anywhere else we could be in this amount of time.  Someone is going to figure it out by the time we’ve gotten to the end.  We’re screwed.”

We kept going, and passed a few more people, whom I believed were all staring at us like they knew, but of course none of them were; although I was positive I was right about them waiting for us on the other end, and then these people would all be staring….

I never found out though, because that dream, I think, just sort of drifted into another one…an even creepier one….

I was at…Aunt Christine’s house, I think?…and I had a lot of relatives who never existed before this dream…some little blonde chubby girl…well, maybe she was the only one.  There was this cool girl who was my friend who I kept trying to hook up with Grant (my real cousin).

My aunt had this haunted painting.  It was really creepy.  I’m not particularly sure what it did.  But it was up to all of us cousins (the only ones who really believed it was haunted—the adults just laughed at that) to camp out in front of it and stay awake in shifts at all times and make sure it didn’t…do anything.

It was really dark in there, too.  No matter what time of day it was.  Several days must have passed, for the amount of shifts we had.  I alternated talking to Grant, and that girl, and my little fake cousin, and sleeping.  The whole thing was eerie.  I can’t remember much more, though.

From the Annals of a Scatterbrain

I’m horrible at critiquing other people’s writing, so I just did a totally half-assed job of it.  L’Owen’s going to bite my head off in class tomorrow.

I did a—well, not even a half-assed essay for my history class last night.  I guess I just don’t feel much like doing homework these days.  I blame it all on work.

I can’t really remember what I dreamed last night—something about sewing this really cute skirt “by hand”—meaning, with nothing, not even a needle.  So…magic, then.  And I did something else the same way.  Then I woke up with “I’ve Got No Strings On Me” stuck in my head.  I know it was somehow related to the dream, but I can’t remember in what way.

Wal-Mart refuses to sell black jeans that I like, and I wore out the pair I got from them when they were cool.  I’ve got to go to the mall to find more.  They will be expensive, because Wal-Mart’s the only one with decently-priced jeans.

I’ve been so busy half-assing my way through homework I haven’t seen the new Once Upon A Time yet, so I have no idea if it’s good or not.

Sorry for my scatterbraininess tonight; I feel sort of unfocused after my homework.

Last night we had that weird chicken cordon-bleu again—the kind that’s just fried chicken with a slice of ham and melted cheese on top.  Everyone always stares at it like, “What the bloody hell is that?”  As I said to Sandra, it’s like how Superman wears his underwear on the outside—it’s backwards.  I’m going to start calling it Superman cordon-bleu.

Then we ran out of fried chicken, so Bob started bringing out this skinless stuff, and I said, “And look, now Superman is naked.”  Sandra could not stop laughing for a very long time.


A Lost Dream

I’ve been binging Lost recently, and last night I had a weirrrd Lost dream.  It was just me watching an episode of the show that I had missed but had heard about, and so I already knew everything that was going to happen—except, of course, since none of it really had happened, I didn’t know until afterward and then I was like, “Yep, that’s the way I remember hearing about it.”  So I essentially made up an episode.

I can’t remember every bit of it, unfortunately, but I think I’ve got the main things.  I always feel like there’s more to something than I can see once I’m awake, and that it’s really powerful stuff, but I believe the reason I can’t remember it after waking is that it’s so illogical the conscious human mind literally cannot comprehend it, and therefore it is forced into the Land of Forgotten Dreams and Memories.  That’s why dreams usually feel more intense and fascinating to us when we’re actually asleep.  Usually.

Anyway.  What I do remember.

Michael is chasing Sun, who is either very upset about something or is just acting very strangely….  She’s running over the island, and he’s calling her name, and all you can see is her back….

And then, slowly but definitely, the whole image sort of becomes…shimmery…and changes.  Suddenly, the two of them are running through rolling green hills, speckled with tiny white wildflowers and a few leaves.  Autumn is approaching, I guess, and it’s really windy and sort of grey-greenish like it’s about to storm.  In the far distance, to the right, you can see power lines, and you know, somehow, that there is a city in the distance.  Michael stops for a moment, taking in this sudden weird change, and says, “Whoa…we’re in New York.”

It’s weird because you simultaneously kind of know that there’s a city out there (not necessarily NYC—it really doesn’t even look like the right state, but okay), but then you also sort of feel that if Michael were to run in that direction, that he might fall off the edge of the world into some black abyss.  There was a definite dreamlike quality to this…uh…dream.  But it totally played on how I firmly believe the island’s in another dimension.  Anyway, so he turns around, and there’s, like, woods behind him, as though he had just run out of them, and he has this total, “OMGWTF!?” look on his face, but shakes it off and keeps running after Sun, shouting her name again when she suddenly collapses on her back at the top of a hill.

He reaches the top of the hill and bends over her, when he notices all of these people coming from the opposite direction—the Others.

A few of them bend over Sun, and Michael’s like, “Who are you?  What are you doing; can you help her!?” and they started taking out…sewing needles.  And one of them, much to Michael’s protests and attempts to fight, sticks it right into her chest and pulls out this long rainbowy thread, and he’s like, “WTF!?  What IS that!?” and one says, “Fiber.”  And they converse amongst themselves, some muttering, mostly in another language, and the one who spoke says again, “Moral fiber.”  And then a couple of them tackle Michael, who is in complete shock/horror, throw him to the ground, and do the same thing to him, and then they entwine the “moral fibers” of Michael and Sun, and somehow…thread it all back into Sun…?  They said something about “baby” and I thought, “Ohhh shit.”

But then…Sun was dead?  And Michael ran back into the woods, hoping to get back to the island, and I’m inwardly screaming, “RUN TO THE CITY!  NO, DON’T RUN TO THE CITY!  OH, I DON’T KNOW, WHATEVER YOU DO WILL PROBABLY KILL YOU IN THE END ANYWAY!”

He runs into the woods and stops, looking behind him on the hilltop, where Sun is still lying and the Others have gone.

Kate is wandering by herself on the island, when she discovers this tall gate, looks like it’s been there a long time.  She’s staring through—there appears to be nothing on the other side of it—when this soft, feminine voice speaks up from the other side.

“Yes, dearie, you’re supposed to be over here,” it says.  “You’re supposed to rule; you’re a princess.  That’s why you’re on this island, don’t you know?”

And suddenly you can see her—she’s half-cartoon, half-real, sort of fading between cartoon and real life, and there’s a castle behind her, some distance away, that looks very similar.  She has dark blue hair, and is wearing a long, ice-blue dress with a white fur robe around it—white fur, with like, silvery-blue tinsel interspersed among the fur, and there’s a path to this faerie-tale castle, which is kinda blue, and suddenly there are trees, and they’re blue…I’m getting a specific song stuck in my head right now, but I won’t go there.  She wants Kate to follow her.  I don’t trust her at all, but I’m really curious to see where they go, anyway.  “All you have to do is open the gate,” she says to Kate.

Flashback.  Kate’s mother (I guess?) tells her, in a motherly voice, that she is a princess.  Kate is really little here.  “But, Princess Kate, always remember—don’t talk to strangers, and never go with them, no matter how harmless they may seem, because it doesn’t mean they’re not dangerous.”

Present.  (That was a really short flashback.)  Kate is staring at this girl, and then she pushes open the gate.

Everybody else.  It seems we have some new characters—Mark Twain, Edgar Allen Poe, and George Orwell.  They’re all sort of cartoony, too, but nobody appears to notice, and it seems they’ve been on for a couple of episodes, because nobody looks at them like they’re new, either.  They really look Yellow Submarineish, especially Poe—he’s a giant bust, who stands feet above everybody else, but…on his shoulders.  He doesn’t exist below the shoulders.  Just a giant head, neck, and shoulders, who sorta slides around on the ground.

Locke has “documents” that supposedly explain exactly why they’re all on the island, and what they’re supposed to do about it.  I’m not sure where he got them.  But only about half of them will listen to him.

Suddenly, Michael comes running in yelling, “HELP!   SUN! DEAD!  OTHERS!” and Jin looks up, apparently having understood the words, “Sun” and “dead”, and everybody looks up, actually, like, “…Huh?”

Kate has followed this faerie princess into the castle, and they’re sitting at a long table, eating stuff, and the faerie princess is fawning all over her, putting blue flowers in her hair and hands, and she’s draped this big blue shawl thing over her shoulders, and wants Kate to tell everyone about her when she has returned to the island, and how Kate is to be the next ruler, after her.

It is impossible to tell what Kate is feeling through all of this, whether she trusts the girl or doesn’t.

Michael tries to take a few people back to Sun’s body, and the world changes again, and Jin, Hurley, Locke, and Sayid, who were all following him, all do the staring around like, “Whoa” thing.  And they see Sun, still lying there on the ground, and Jin cries over her.  Hurley says something inappropriately hilarious which I so wish I could remember now, but…I don’t.  I just remember laughing.  Sayid is staring out in the distance, where there are power lines, and Jin finally looks up and tries to say something in Korean that nobody understands, and he glances down at Sun again, and…she’s gone.  She’s vaporized, right out of his hands.

Kate is leaving the castle, as the faerie princess watches her closely.  As she walks, some of the blue flowers fall from her, and each one that falls on the floor melts into this blue puddle thing, and the faerie princess sort of looks melty, too, and then completely melts into the floor and materializes over each spot where a flower dropped.  At this point, I begin to wonder if she’s an evil witch wishing to take over the island, who couldn’t go past the gate by herself, which is what she is using Kate for—Kate drops flowers, and, god forbid, that shawl on the other side of the gate, and suddenly she’s unleashed the Blue Death.

And Kate’s running, out of the castle, down that path, and flowers are dropping everywhere, and the princess keeps melting and re-materializing on every new dropped flower, and Kate reaches the gate, and the princess is pissed by now and not at all lovely, if she ever really was, and she’s screaming at Kate, and Kate shakes off all the blue flowers and kicks them aside, really enraging her, and is about to run through the gate, when she remembers the shawl, and she pulls it off and throws it behind her, and then she runs through the gate and slams it, and then keeps on running, back to the island, where….

…I guess the Others have arrived.  Real people and cartoon characters are in heated battle with them.  Edgar Allen Poe glides forth, looking furious, and shouting, “CHAAAAARRRRRRRRGE!”  (I know where this comes from—I watched Arsenic and Old Lace right before bed.)  And for some reason, there’s a river right in the middle of everything, and nobody really notices as this box floats up, except Michael, Kate, and Jin, who all turn and look into it, and there’s…a baby.  A Korean baby.  …OMGWTF!?  Jin races for the box and scoops the baby up into his arms, which draws the attention of certain others, and I distinctly remember all the authors speaking in their various accents, just not what they were saying, and the battle still continues, and there’s Claire, and she says, “There are going to be two babies on this island?” and everybody’s sort of horrified but still fighting….

Michael is trying to explain to a few assembled that they’re in a freaking other universe or something, but there’s a connection to the real world, and they need to try and get back that way, all of them.  Locke is clutching his precious documents and saying they all need to figure out what their purpose on the island is, first, and begins distributing them, and Michael is like, “Man, aren’t you listening to what I’m saying!?”  Locke steps forth, very slowly, a ferocious glare in his eyes, and I think he’s going to spit on the ground to show his contempt for Michael’s ideas, but he leans over and…vomits.  Twice.  And I’m like, “…O…kay…and that’s what Locke has to say about that.”

And…was that the end?  I think it was, or at least very close to it.

What a messed-up dream….

I Have No Idea

I had this freaky nightmare last night in which I was stuck in a huge maze with monsters.  It was nothing like Mazes and Monsters.  (There was no Jay-Jay.  With a wink to Cortney, who is the only one who will get that.)  It wasn’t really even like Labyrinth.  Maybe a bit like Goblet of Fire, but overall, really, it wasn’t like anything.

It was indoors, first of all, in this HUGE building, obviously, because the walls were really super-high.  The dividers between the rooms, I mean.  That’s what it was, a bunch of rooms, and you could see over the walls, but they were way too high to climb—way too high.  (Again—I suck at measurements and distances and such—I have no idea how to describe it.)  Okay…standing up straight, the walls were way taller than the highest part of our vaulted ceiling.  But even so, you could see that there were openings at the top, because the walls didn’t reach all the way to the ceiling.

Basically, we’re wandering through this labyrinth, and I think it’s just Katie and me, although I’m not really sure—it seems like Cortney or Nicole may have been there, too, and I really think Milo was probably around somewhere, but the one I remember distinctly (probably because she’s the last one I saw before I woke up) is Katie.

It felt very…Halloween-ish, and kinda Indiana Jones-ish, because I think we were in a freaking tomb or something.  Probably in Egypt.  (Maybe Greece, that might even make more sense.)

So we’re going through.  And we know there are monsters and crap in there.  Sporadically placed all throughout.  And we have to destroy them and such.  And the whole maze is just the giant, spacious rooms, with various doors leading all over, and narrow hallways, but all with the super-high ceilings, and we have no idea what’s through any doorway.  Then there was this huge scary giant thing that I think I threw over one of the walls…I got rid of him somehow.  And Katie, who had been separated from me somehow and was just over in the next room, yelled, “HOLY SHIT!  WAS THAT YOU!?”

So then we met up, and I was starting to think that maybe it all had somewhat of a Star Wars feel, and we were just laughing at nothing, because that’s what we do, when Katie’s expression completely contorted to one of horror as she looked at something behind me, and then something, whatever the hell it was, grabbed me and was carrying me away!

/scene.I H

So Many Dreams!

I’ve been too busy with school stuff over the past few days to spare a moment for updating, but I’ve actually been dreaming just about every night.  Really bizarre stuff, too, although for the most part, I haven’t been able to salvage much from my memory by way of plotlines.  Just details that I know are related somehow, and I can’t remember how to put them together….  Forgive the long and abstract stream-of-consciousness rant.  You don’t have to read it.

First one.  We’re at a birthday party at Cortney’s house–Cortney’s mom’s house, I should say–but it doesn’t really look anything like her house.  For one thing, there’s a basement.  And Cortney, Nicole, Drew, Lily, Booboo, and I (maybe Cort’s mom, too) all get locked inside this basement which is flooding–slowly but surely–by–get this–an evil magician.  And suddenly Lily curls up and she’s dying, like, the life is actually going out of her, I don’t know how we can tell she’s not just tired, but she’s dying.  But it ends up not really being Lily at all, and just some illusion that the magician has conjured.  The real Lily’s outside somewhere trying to figure out the best way to attack the magician.  The whole basement scene feels sort of like War of the Worlds…which, I’ve only just realized, is really weird considering this other dream I had a few nights later….

In case Cortney reads this, I probably shouldn’t mention (but I will) that for some reason, there were clowns at this birthday party.  Probably with everyone talking about It recently.

Next night.  I’m with a tour somewhere, and I actually know a few random people who are there.  I’m not even sure where we are, but I think it’s in the States somewhere, and there’s this Chinese guy with a…farm?  Well, a lot of property.  Basically the size of a national park.  And there are rattlesnakes.  And muddy water with rapids.  And hills and trees and–it’s very spacious.

Do rattlesnakes swim?  They did in my dream.  They were everywhere in my dream.  And I know that at one point, I actually said the line, “Snakes…why did it have to be…snakes?”  I’m not sure if I recognized the line when I said it–I think I was just saying it because I was really freaked out by it all, haha.

But you think rattlesnakes are the worst part?  Oh, no.  There are fucking plesiosaurs swimming around in the water, too.  Full-grown (I assume–they were really big) Nessies.  And they were vicious, too!  Actually, the whole thing had the feel of sort of a Michael Crichton novel.  Like Sphere.  It was kind of freaky.  Like the first one, there was a much larger and more intricate plot involved, I know, but I can’t remember it.  I remember somehow falling in the water, and something about SpongeBob, and almost drowning and almost eaten by a plesiosaur.  And climbing this really huge hill to see…more rattlesnakes.  And I feel like there was a teacher along with us, too.

So the next night I dream again.  This time I’m going to Atlanta, I guess for Thanksgiving, or something, and my boyfriend’s going to come along.  My boyfriend is Tom Hanks.  Tom from like, 25 years ago.

And there are other SNL cast members there, too, and every one of them is dating one of my friends, but I can’t really remember who everybody was.  I remember Tom.  Haha.  Cortney and Nicole, you were probably there, and most likely Kristen was with Will Ferrell, but all I remember is Tom, and a bunch of other people around us.

We didn’t go to Atlanta.  Everything around us started to turn red, and there were these huge machine things shooting things down from the sky (see?  War of the Worlds again!) and everybody’s dying, and Tom’s like, “We can’t go to Atlanta now.  We have to go [somewhere else].”  (I can’t remember where we had to go, but supposedly it was safe there.  I believed him.)

And then there was this British guy who gave me a hat.  And I gave him one, too.  His protected me from the huge machine things (which were probably alien)–I actually got hit by one and nothing happened.  This was foreshadowing, but I didn’t know it.

So we arrive wherever it is–but I think it took a long time, like it was all this huge quest, like Lord of the Rings or something.  And everybody’s freaking out, because we’re all convinced these huge…things…are going to destroy the world, right?  Then all the guys start laughing.  Laughing!  And it turns out the whole thing has been this huge, really well-planned prank on their girlfriends.  And then it turns out we’re on a movie set?  Like The Truman Show?  Nothing’s really real–nobody had died at all (and here I thought it was the magically-protective hat) and the walls all around us are playing scenes from old episodes of SNL, and there’s something really freaky with Tom Hanks playing this really creepy guy–I was actually creeped out–and I warned him he’d better never come near me if he was in that character, because it was too realistic and…creepy.  I think everybody else was having similar experiences with their guys, who are all, like, psycho.

Well, no, okay, they weren’t psycho, they were just having a good time enjoying the reactions to this ridiculously huge prank, and none of them could stop laughing.

Again, I know there was plenty more to it than that.

But the dream I had last night, I can remember that one best of all (perhaps because less time has passed).  Katie was a central character in this one, as were Ryan and his girlfriend Emily.  (That’s what Dennis said her name was.  Dennis informed me that she was insanely beautiful and can sing, and that it’s a good thing I’m planning to move to England.  *Le sigh.*)

So, Katie and I decide we have to find out exactly who this Emily is.  I guess by this point we’re both at UNF, and so we go looking on Facebook, and we find her, and there’s a link in her profile to this site she created all about her and Ryan.  It’s sickening.  It’s a bloody shrine.  There’s this huge picture of him in the top right corner, all surrounded by hearts, and there’s whatever date they got together (something really recent) and all this crap about how in love they are and how she’s never had anybody like this before who made her look at life the way she was now–you know.  Bullshit.  All trussed up with hearts and flowers.  Musical notes, too.  There’s all this information about Ryan, like, everything she knows about him, and at the bottom there’s a picture of the two of them, and some cheesy song is playing (I don’t remember what), and then there’s a list of their schedules, and all the classes they have together are highlighted.

This was some freaky shite.

Katie and I decide we’re going to sit in on one of these classes they have together (The Music of Physics? The Physics of Music? something like that).  Nobody will notice, we figure.  We take seats near the back.

Well, it wasn’t hard to miss her.  When we walked into the room, concealing our faces as well as possible, she was up at the front of the room, writing numbered sentences on the board.  It felt like a high school class somehow.  She’s writing, and she’s got this smug smile on her face, and you can tell she’s really bold and outgoing, and the stuff she’s writing is apparently really funny, but I can’t even tell what the hell it says (it looks like another language).  And all the guys want her, and even though I could only see the back of what I could only assume was his head, I knew he was sitting there smiling all content because he knew she was his and not all of these other guys’.

Somehow, it reminded me of Lily Potter.  In Slugworth’s class.  I should have looked around to see if Snape was in there.  The Lily Potter thing more than anything really made me think, “Damn it, I can never compete with this!”

Katie sat just behind me–this really huge, annoying girl I’ve never seen before was like, “KATIE!!  HEY, I HAVEN’T SEEN YOU IN FOREVER, LET ME SIT NEXT TO YOU AND BE YOUR FRIEND!!!!”  Katie gave me this look as that girl sat next to her, and I sat just in front of the two of them and we basically ignored that other girl.

So Emily sat down next to the back of Ryan’s head (I’m serious, that was all I could see through the entire thing, or somebody was always between us so I couldn’t see him), all triumphantly, and everybody’s laughing, and the teacher walks in, this heavyset guy with dark brown hair and a brown beard.  He used to be a football player.  Don’t ask how I know that.

You immediately think she must be the teacher’s pet, and he’s going to find numbers 1-6 and whatever the hell they said, written on his board up there, immensely funny, as the rest of the class obviously does.

He doesn’t.  His face goes taut, and he says in this ironic sort of voice, to all the rest of the class, “What I don’t understand is this.  Does she think I don’t already know these things?  I’m the professor.  I already know it all.”

The class goes silent.  (Katie and I look at each other, slouched down in our seats to be less noticeable, and grin wickedly.)  Nobody makes a sound, and then there’s this gasp, and we look over at her, and she’s burst into tears, and she runs out of the room.  But everybody still sits there all solemnly, and Ryan…doesn’t move.  He does nothing.  But still all I can see is the back of his head, so I don’t know if he’s sitting there fuming at the professor, if he thinks Emily had it coming, if he just doesn’t care, if he thinks it’s all as hysterical as Katie and I do…no idea.

Class proceeds, and for some reason we sit through it, and then Katie somehow knows exactly what’s going on, much to my annoyance, because I can’t figure out any of it, and the professor has left Emily’s “sentences” up on the board (they had punctuation; that’s the only reason I assume they were sentences–seriously, they looked like a combination of Gibberish and WingDings and Hieroglyphics and weird symbols from all sorts of other languages) just to make fun of them at random points through the rest of class.  And now everybody’s laughing with him.

I couldn’t figure out if Emily was used to being center of attention in this class and the professor had all of a sudden turned on her, or if he had just never liked her.  No idea.  But Katie and I started doing classwork for some reason.  We cheated using my calculator.  (“I’ve had physics before; I know what’s going on,” she said.)

And then we take our old Stalkers Anonymous group from high school on the road.  We decide to tail Emily.

She goes to this house.  It’s my old house in Virginia (but I think it’s only a few minutes away–like 25, maybe–in this dream).  The old neighbors were even still next door.  It was all dark, and everything had this weird bluish tint to it.  She didn’t see us watching her, but she went in, stayed for a few minutes, came back out, constantly looking over her shoulder.

Well, we decide to split up.  Brilliant, I know.  I go inside to look around, see what she was doing in there (we assume it’s her house), and Katie goes to follow her.

It wasn’t her house.  It was the professor’s.  There were pictures of him all over.  Apparently he’d been a federal agent or something before he was a professor.

He had this whole room–where the office used to be downstairs, actually–full of stuff about Emily, her record, all kinds of weird stuff.  Turned out she actually was psychotic.  She’d been a mental patient and had escaped, and was actually living now under a different name.  He’d been looking for her for a while.  And he didn’t like her one bit.  These are things I just knew.  There are photos of her, she looks damn ghostlike, and I’m extremely creeped out.  I decide to run for it.

But as I’m opening the front door, he’s opening it from the other side, and I let out this piercing scream and assume that he’s going to shoot me, because I knew he was undercover or something like that, and in the dream I assume he’s going to think I’m her.

So then he explains things to me.  Pretty much everything I just explained.  And I’m like, “Well, what about Ryan?”

“Oh, he’s a good guy–he doesn’t know anything about this side of her,” he said.

I thanked him for the information and said I’d been following her, and I had to go catch up with Katie now, so I ran off down the street, where it was still dark, towards the church.  That’s where it just stopped, I think.  My alarm woke me up.

I wonder if I would have ended up in the church and found that she was haunting the place.

There are these really annoying blonde girls sitting across from me here in the computer lab, doing their math homework, apparently.  So freaking annoying.  I walk in and they’re all giggly and, “Hehehe, I can’t do this!” and one of them suddenly goes, “Oh, now I get it!  Two goes into six three times!”