Got my contacts this morning.  I’ll get used to them in a few days, I’m told, but today it was weird.  Like…I could see them when I looked in certain directions.

Work was…um…boring.  I think I had maybe fifteen people come through my line all night, not counting co-workers.  They were pretty much all people I recognized, too.  This one tall blonde guy named Grant…?  Maybe Graham.  I’ll figure it out.  I didn’t want to ask him again to repeat himself.  (My fault, not his—he spoke clearly enough; I just have bad hearing, as well we know.)  He was like, “Where are your glasses?  Where’s your partner!?”  (At which point I bowed my head in a moment of silence for my absent Tinny.)

“Got contacts, and she’s gone,” I replied.  “It’s going to be a pretty boring summer.”

“Well, at least I’m here,” he said, and smiled.  I can’t remember if this guy ever smiled before.  I never noticed the guy was hot before.  At least there are still hot guys left.

There’s this other hot guy who came in earlier who suddenly has an identical twin.  (At least, I never noticed the twin before—he may have always been there; I may never know.)  But the one guy came up for eight pieces of fish.  Eight.

Bob and I watched the news at dinner, which was half an hour earlier than usual, and will be every night.  And I’ll be working Monday through Friday for a while, instead of Sunday through Thursday.

I found everything at all out of the ordinary (“the ordinary” being standing in the heat, waiting for customers to walk by) fascinating tonight.  Sometimes things really are so mundane that you have to occupy your mind by talking to the annoying dishwasher whom Tinny believes likes you.  I jumped at any opportunity to talk to anyone.  I stared people down with my eyes until they came to my line.  Anyone.  It didn’t matter who they were.

The coughing is so bad now, I feel like my lungs are trying to jump out of my throat (or my throat’s trying to turn itself inside-out, one or the other).  My entire chest feels tender to the touch (that sounded kinda sexy but that’s not at all how I meant it).  Like, it feels all bruised—even on the outside—because I’ve been coughing so damned hard.  Oi…so does my neck.  And my shoulders.  Geez.  I did notice earlier that my shoulders stung to the touch, but I didn’t realize why until just now.  And then for some reason, I’ve gone to bed nauseous the past two nights.

Went to my World Religions class with Katie today…seems…well, our teacher is pretty flighty.  We share our class with Rain Man.  (There’ll be stories later.  I’m not up to it at the moment.)

Well…I think that’s it, really.  I guess I’ll go to bed now.

…At least I feel like I’m getting a workout from all this coughing.  Maybe it will give me abs.


Author: GinnyJones

I was born on 3/5/97 in this horrible small town in southern Virginia. Now I live in Jacksonville, Florida and I am here to tell you about my life--my friends, my family, love, school, work, extra-curriculars--minus specifics, of course. What I Do: I'm in school full-time getting my AA. I used to work part-time as the secretary for a small property management business; now I work in a university cafeteria, which is a major improvement! It's harder work, but the people make up for it. Things I Like: Harrison Ford, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Emmy Rossum, Shameless (US), Being Human (UK & US), The Walking Dead, Once Upon A Time, Superman, comic conventions, cosplay...I could go on. But I won't. Cast of Characters: - Mom and Dad: my parents - Sister/Psychobrat: my younger sister - Brother: my even younger brother - Cortney and Nicole: my best friends - Milo: the guy I love - Tinny: my work friend - Kristen: friend from school - Katie: friend from school - Jenna and Kara: sister friends - The Ex: Milo's evil ex

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