Rant From A Library

This morning at 10:18, I was asleep.  Then Psychobrat came into my room and whispered into my ear, “What kind of car does Mo drive?”

“It doesn’t matter,” I replied.  “It’s her.”

“But she looks different than last time I saw her.”

“She cut her hair,” I said.

“Last time I saw her she didn’t have emo glasses or Converse sneakers.”

“Well, she does now.”

“Wanna hear what happened when she walked in?”

It was pointless.  There was no way I could fall back to sleep now.

“What happened?” I said.

Psychobrat proceeded to describe how, when they walked in, the dog, who had been lying on the couch under a blanket, stood up and started wagging its tail–still under the blanket.  He looked at it, then looked at her, and said, “Why are you torturing the dog?”

This is definitely her influence.  Something I really hate is the way he always falls under the influence of whomever he is currently dating.  When he was with The Ex, he became her.  I remember saying one time back in senior year, right after he’d moved back, that his head was so far up her ass, it was unclear where she ended and he began.  (I know that’s a line from something, but I can never remember what.)

Mo loves the dog, can’t stand the fact that we’re “cruel” to it (it’s not like we ever actually hurt it).  But Milo teases the dog, too.  When she’s not around.  When she’s there, though, when he’s with her, it’s like he is her.  I hate when he’s his girlfriend.  Especially when his girlfriend is either a) evil and psychotic, or b) a complete dumbass.

The other night, I had come home from work, and there was a huge van parked next to our house.  I knew it was Boy Scouts night, so I knew that meant that The Homeschoolers were over.

The Homeschoolers are this family of about 10 whom I recognized at first glance as homeschoolers, who come over to use our computer because they’ve never had one.  My mom is teaching them how.  The other night I heard things like, “Oh, so I just click ‘Save As’, and that saves everything!  Wow!”  *rolls eyes*

They were taking up the entire living room, and Milo was in his room talking to Mo, so that left two escape routes:  My room, or Psychobrat’s room.  I went to Psychobrat’s room to watch American Idol.  (Shoot me.  I hate reality TV.)

The thing about Psychobrat is that we get along just great when we’re discussing somebody who annoys us both equally, or whom we both dislike.  Psychobrat doesn’t like Mo.  I think that’s great.

Milo then came out of his room to go to the bathroom, saw us sitting on the floor laughing, and said, “You’re both in here?  Together?  Laughing!?”

But then he went out to dinner with Mo, so I still couldn’t escape to his room.

I just love that Psychobrat is on my side with the whole Mo thing.  That’s a plus.

Okay, well, I’m here at the library, which is one of my typical Friday escape venues, and I don’t have much time left on this thing.  I’m going to read a book.


Author: GinnyJones

I was born on 3/5/97 in this horrible small town in southern Virginia. Now I live in Jacksonville, Florida and I am here to tell you about my life--my friends, my family, love, school, work, extra-curriculars--minus specifics, of course. What I Do: I'm in school full-time getting my AA. I used to work part-time as the secretary for a small property management business; now I work in a university cafeteria, which is a major improvement! It's harder work, but the people make up for it. Things I Like: Harrison Ford, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Emmy Rossum, Shameless (US), Being Human (UK & US), The Walking Dead, Once Upon A Time, Superman, comic conventions, cosplay...I could go on. But I won't. Cast of Characters: - Mom and Dad: my parents - Sister/Psychobrat: my younger sister - Brother: my even younger brother - Cortney and Nicole: my best friends - Milo: the guy I love - Tinny: my work friend - Kristen: friend from school - Katie: friend from school - Jenna and Kara: sister friends - The Ex: Milo's evil ex

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