Parties and Things

Hello, all.

I went to that party tonight; it wasn’t that bad.  Besides the fact that I refused to dance.

I might have danced with him.  But then I might have had to kiss him.  It would have been irresistible.

I was at the party five minutes before my ass was grabbed; I turned around, expecting some drunk dick and intending to kick him where it hurts, but it was instead a drunk chick who had fallen off her high heels and grabbed onto the first object in sight for support.  Good thing I paused; I was actually poised to strike, but caught myself as soon as I saw the Tinker Bell outfit.

The whole atmosphere was slightly awkward—Kara and her boyfriend Chad were both there, as were Michael and his girlfriend Cindy…and Milo and me.  Two couples…and two singles.  I was so tempted to find some random guy and just start hitting on him because I’m single, damn it!

We went to Denny’s afterward, and Cindy told our friend, the hostess, “Six of us.  Three couples.”  I looked away and pretended not to have heard.  I glanced at him; he either really hadn’t heard, or was likewise pretending not to have heard.

All in all, the evening honestly wasn’t that bad; there was just that awkwardness to it.  Like another time…he asked Kara and Chad to stand somewhere so he could get a picture of them…and then he asked Cindy and Michael to do the same thing…and then he said, “Hey, someone get a picture of me,” and then he took one of me by myself.  Couple-couple-single-singleinlove.  It’s a negative equation.

And Chad kept flirting with me, and I kept looking at Kara for some clue as to how in the hell I was supposed to take that, but she didn’t seem to really care.  Guess her boyfriend’s just flirtatious like that.  Or maybe because it’s me, and I’m a nice girl, and I don’t do things like steal other people’s boyfriends.  …Oh, that’s just Ginny; she can’t even steal a guy when he’s single.

Okay, enough of this; I’m going to do other things!


Artful Pizza

I found my voter registration card!  Yay!

Okay, so I’ve decided to write a book for each year of my life that I have enough details to record.  I’m going to start with senior year, since I have so many ideas brewing…the title shall be, “The Devil Wears Two-Tone Glasses”.  Actually, I came up with that during senior year, sitting at Denny’s with some friends, when one commented on the coloring of my glasses, and the other said that line, and I said, “When I write a book, that’s going to be the title.”  So that’s what I’m doing.

Today at work, Greg and I each discovered that the other likes Seinfeld and Colbert, so we were making jokes about them both every few minutes.  So then when we were eating dinner, he came up to our table with a Butterfinger, and I wasn’t paying too much attention…and then he unwrapped it, put it on a plate, and started nonchalantly eating it with a fork and knife, and when I finally looked over and really took notice, I just started laughing.  It was so great.  Haha.

I made a smiley-face pizza with horns and eyebrows and stuff, and I put so much work into it and spent so much time on it, and it was so funny…but the moment we put it out, this guy came and took a slice and started to walk away.  He didn’t even look at it!  So I said, “HEY!  Did you see it or not!?”  He stopped and looked at me blankly, and I said, “It was a face!  I made a face!  I put a lot of work into that thing!”  He said, “I ate the cheek,” and turned to walk away.  Sheesh.  Some people just don’t appreciate art.

I saw an odd thing while going into school this morning.  Right outside the building, this guy and girl were shouting at each other.  I missed what the guy said, but the girl said something like, “She can’t take care of that baby!  You take that baby away from her and give it to me; I’ll take care of it!”  But I kept on walking.  I was in a hurry, so I had to pass up the opportunity to listen in.

The Ex’s mother called Milo at our house today.  How in the hell did they find him here!?

We watched Willy Wonka last night.  Hadn’t seen that movie in a while, and it is as good as ever.  …Of course, everything’s better when he’s around….

Anyway.  I’m going to close out–getting too risky to write in here now.

Dyeing the Blue Devil

Not a lot is new today.  Hmm…work was pretty slow most of the time…smelled like something dead in there all night.  And I’m not referring to the turkey legs.  I really suspect something crawled into the kitchen and died.  Yuck.

Okay, so, the red dye Milo and I picked up last night at Winn-Dixie, after looking for it at two Super Walmarts, a regular Walmart, and trying to go by Target and finding it closed…didn’t work.  He kind of…ruined his white sport jacket.  So that’s now in the kitchen trash can.  Sad…after all that…I was more fascinated by his dyeing of the jacket than by Seinfeld (but of course, when am I more fascinated by anything else than him?…but that is beside the point).  I stood there watching him work on this thing for more than half an hour before leaving for work, and he worked on it longer still!  And it didn’t work.

So now he’s going as a blue devil–and not like the team.  Just a plain, neutral blue devil.  He always has the best costumes.  This one’ll be so plain compared to other years, but…he can pull it off.  The Indy/Wolverine/Willy Wonka things didn’t work out because he never had a chance to get the necessary items.

So, the Occlumency test on Monday that I thought for sure I had flunked–I got an 84. That’s actually higher than I got on my first exam!

Speaking of exams, I have one in Muggle Studies tomorrow that I probably will fail, just because that class is so freaking hard.

I skipped my second class today, and I’m going to do it again tomorrow, because we’re just going to the library all period, and there’s nothing I can do there that I can’t do here.  Besides, since I have an exam in my first class, I’ll get out of that one early, and then I’ll be really early getting home!  It’ll be nice.

Okay, I’ll sign out for now.

Fruit Breezing

My day was very good.  First of all, I gave my Pledge of Allegiance presentation with my partner in Muggle Studies, and we got a 49.5/50.  So cool.

Then in Defense Against the Dark Arts, I finally got the results back from my oral interpretation from The Princess Bride—A minus.  In fact, out of all my classmate evaluations, the only one who said something other than “nothing” or “none” or “I can’t think of anything” under the “Ways to Improve” category, vaguely and mysterically said “Correct minor mistakes.”  Even my teacher…the only advice she gave me on improving it was that at some points I spoke too quickly, and that once, in the very beginning, she thought I said “she” instead of “he”, so for the first paragraph or so, she was confused as to whether Buttercup was male or female.  I am astounded.  Of course, reading aloud is quite different from giving an actual speech, but even so, based on the comments I did get, it really seems as though drama has paid off.  And speaking of speeches, my Quidditch speech is due in less than two weeks.  I’ll be working on that all day on Friday.

I managed to get all 60-some of the fliers Kristen gave me passed out today.  I was so proud.  In both of my classes, I just stood up and said, “HEY!…Who wants to go to a party?”…and then I just went around handing them to random people and explaining about the ending time and the cover charge.  When all was said and done, I had about five left, so I stuck them on people’s cars.

Tonight when I got home from work, I was lying on the couch watching this really crappy version of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, starring Jeff Goldblum, from 1988.  I mean, it sucked. And then Milo came home and asked if I wanted to go to Walmart, so of course I did, and we went to Super Walmart, and then regular Walmart, and then Target, which was closed, and then backward Super Walmart, and then finally to Winn-Dixie.

I’m sick.  There’s stuff in my throat and chest.  I sort of feel like my lungs are compressed, like I’m claustrophobic in my own body—yikes.  The Hall’s Fruit Breezers make my throat feel temporarily better, though, so I’ve been consuming a lot of them.

I have to find my voter registration card!  I have no idea what I did with it; this is not good….

It’s official!  I have decided to major in journalism, or, more likely, photojournalism.  I finally know for sure.  That’s what it’s going to be.

Down By The Broken Treehouse

Was it once or twice–or was it three times?–tonight that he gave me one of those long looks that makes my heart skip?  I can’t remember now; I can’t differentiate one from the other.  Once is enough.  I know it happened at least once this evening. I was sitting in the living room and Colbert was on, and he was sitting in another chair nearby, and I looked up at him and he held my gaze for several tantalizing moments–like, longer than you normally do when you glance around the room and make happenstance eye contact with someone.  I love looking into his eyes like that!  I can’t get enough of it.  I know I say this all the time, but…wow!  It’s incredible!  I wish I could do it all the time.  Actually, I’m longing for some sort of physical contact.  Like earlier, when he was sitting at the computer, I just wanted to come over and sit on his lap and rest my head against his chest, or run my hand through his hair, like I mentioned before, or–heaven forbid–kiss him!

We were forced out of the employee breakroom at work tonight and onto the main floor for dinner, at which time Greg stated, “I don’t want to sit out here with all these commoners; I want to sit where there’s a big-screen TV!”

Milo and I had another long talk last night for about two hours; but last night we laughed all the way through it.  I really like how we can go from being all serious one day, to just laughing nonstop the next.  He wrote this really excellent paper for his film class.  I was so amused.

Now would be a fabulous time to go to sleep. I have all these thoughts about him running through my mind and would likely dream about him.

…I need to go to bed earlier more often.

Questionable Courses

The other night we had vegetarian pasta as an alternative to our main course.  At one point Glenn, one of the chefs, came out to check on it and said to me, “How’s that vegetarian looking?  …I try to make it as nasty as possible so we don’t have to mess with it all night.”

We only had to change it once all night.

Last night we had veal again, and nobody knows what the heck veal comes from.  Everybody knew it was baby something, and all these people thought they were so clever doing their impressions of baby animals being slaughtered.  Okay, the first time was somewhat funny, but after like ten people did it, it really got old.  We heard baby cow, baby lamb, and baby deer before we finally were able to ask another chef, Bob (it’s baby cow, like we’d thought all along–although I’ll admit, last time we had it, I thought it was either deer or baby lamb).

So anyway, tonight we had pork chops, and when Bob was showing us what everything was, and how much of it to give people, he said, “And by the way, if anyone asks, pork comes from pigs.”  I high-fived him for that one.  That was great.

Well, I was looking forward to going to karaoke night tonight so I could flirt with that guy again all night long and try to make Milo jealous…but he went without me.  Sheesh.  Sigh.  Maybe next week….

Stimulus and Response

We served alfredo fettuccine last night and I got so pissed at all the people who kept looking at the alfredo sauce and asking what it was.  It’s like, what the hell does it look like!?  What sort of chunky, white, creamy shit did your mother feed you!?

In my Occlumency class, we’re discussing conditioned and unconditioned stimuli and responses.  We get problems that look basically like so:

“Steve followed his parents’ PT Cruiser on a long car trip up a windy mountain.  All he saw for about three hours was the back of the PT Cruiser.  After a while, he began to feel carsick.  Now whenever Steve sees the back of a PT Cruiser, he feels sick.”
Determine the:

  • Unconditioned Stimulus:  windy mountain roads
  • Unconditioned Response:  feels sick
  • Conditioned Stimulus:  back of PT Cruiser
  • Conditioned Response:  feels sick

So I wrote my own problem that goes like this:

“Every once in a while, Ginny has to serve mile-long pasta to hundreds of students at work.  The pasta is difficult to serve because it gets stuck together, it’s so long, and she always either gets too much or too little on a plate.  Hundreds of students come through the line and say, ‘Pasta’, making her feel frustrated.  Now whenever Ginny hears the word ‘pasta’, she feels pissed off, frustrated, and anxious.”

  • Unconditioned Stimulus:  difficult pasta
  • Unconditioned Response:  frustration
  • Conditioned Stimulus:  the word “pasta”
  • Conditioned Response:  frustration

I’m so proud of my creative new method of complaining.

Hehe–a little while ago, I was sitting in the rocking chair, and Milo walked by on his way to the computer and just briefly patted my head.  It was just a playful, friendly sort of little thing, but still…physical contact.  Always nice.  Actually, it was very exciting.  Sigh.  I’m completely pathetic.  I just want to run my hand through his hair.  I would really like to do that.  Or…I really want to kiss him.  I so screwed up that one on New Year’s–that was because I was trying to keep my feelings hidden, and I knew if I kissed him the way I wanted to, he would have known…he would have understood.

…!  That’s what I need to do!  I want him to understand–if I think kissing him is going to accomplish that, then…I guess that’s what it’ll take.  Maybe I could arrange to be around him on New Year’s…and then I’ll have an excuse…and this year I wouldn’t have to worry about hiding how I feel.  Yes!  New Year’s!  It will have to be New Year’s!  I could do it then, completely guilt-free!

I…might be kind of ridiculous.