Smiles With a Side of Giggles

My new job is so much better than my old one.

The only complaint I have at this point is that my back, hands, and legs hurt from standing up for four hours, dishing out food.

When I got in, I wiped down some tables.  Then I dished out food.  And then I cleaned up again and came home.

I don’t have to be there until 4:30–since I get out of classes each day at 3:15, I’m pretty sure that gives me time to come home, change, grab a quick bite to eat, and still get back and park (and walk, if necessary) and get to work on time.  Let’s see…15 minutes to get home from school…I’ll say 20, just in case…that’s 3:35…another 20 to get back…3:55…that gives me another 35 minutes to do whatever I need to do at home, and to park (and perhaps walk).  Wow.  This is great–I can wear whatever the heck I want to school every day!

I had a fantastic dream last night that I know no one wants to hear about, so I won’t go into it…but it had me in a good mood all day long, from the moment I woke up.


Author: GinnyJones

I was born on 3/5/97 in this horrible small town in southern Virginia. Now I live in Jacksonville, Florida and I am here to tell you about my life--my friends, my family, love, school, work, extra-curriculars--minus specifics, of course. What I Do: I'm in school full-time getting my AA. I used to work part-time as the secretary for a small property management business; now I work in a university cafeteria, which is a major improvement! It's harder work, but the people make up for it. Things I Like: Harrison Ford, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Emmy Rossum, Shameless (US), Being Human (UK & US), The Walking Dead, Once Upon A Time, Superman, comic conventions, cosplay...I could go on. But I won't. Cast of Characters: - Mom and Dad: my parents - Sister/Psychobrat: my younger sister - Brother: my even younger brother - Cortney and Nicole: my best friends - Milo: the guy I love - Tinny: my work friend - Kristen: friend from school - Katie: friend from school - Jenna and Kara: sister friends - The Ex: Milo's evil ex

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